Environmentally Friendly; Stable and Safe; Excellent Decorations

AJ P-FLOOR products consider a full range of users’ needs. In addition to beautiful appearances, the characteristics of the product requirement is strictly monitored. AJ Star focuses on and promotes product that contains zero formaldehyde, waterproof, abrasion resistant, anti-skid, fire retardant, easy to install and environmentally friendly. The quality and stability of the flooring product is our core in improving your living space.




AJ.P Floor Product Features

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• Zero Formaldehyde
Healthy space to be in

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Completely Waterproof; Do not absorb water

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• Fire Retardant
Passed fire retardant test and greatly enhance the safety of life

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• Quality and Stability
Color Fastness and Indoor Fastness

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• Anti-Skid
Keeps the elderly and the young in a safe environment

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• Anti-Termite/ Pest Control
No insects, can withstand the test on durability for many years

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• Commercial Grade
Provides top specification

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• Perspective
The glory of quality is clearly visible

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• Environmentally Friendly
Love the Earth full heartedly

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• Natural Variation
Safe Material, Strong stability after exposure to both hot and cold environment

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Fire Protection
Passed the performance test with fire

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• Anti Static
Passed the anti-static test, further security

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•Impact Proof
Sturdy quality; Resistant to collision

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• Anti Moisture
Will not grow mold, Safe living quality

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• European Community Certification
In line with the EU norms, the highest specification

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• Recyclable
Low Carbon, Ecological Sustainability



Extreme Aesthetics; Unique Style;
AJ P-Floor Flooring Is Your Preference In Building A Dream Living Environment.

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